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We're always looking for people to share the vision of the Runesilk Revolution:

To prove that great quality shouldn't always command a high price! 

Why should you pay a premium to receive a product that isn't any better than "the next best thing"? What we mean by that is, some things are simply unjustifiably expensive! They're not necessarily any better quality, but we're led to believe that because they're more expensive, they must be better...right?

Well we want to flip that mentality on its head. As a brand we pride ourselves on creating outstanding products without the excessive price tag. So far, all our products have won Golden Beard Awards and we need your help to tell the world about them.

Soooo...if you have a beard that the gods are envious of and lead a great social presence, or if you feel you can open up new markets in which our products will be well met, we could use your beard on the team!

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