Style Meets Sustainability

Introducing our unique Coffee Sunglasses Collection, where high-fashion aesthetic seamlessly intertwines with environmental mindfulness. Ingeniously created from cutting-edge, repurposed waste materials, these ultra-lightweight sunglasses tip the scales at a mere 18g, guaranteeing unmatched comfort without renouncing high style. With an accessible price tag of £24.99, these sunglasses present a thoughtful selection for the eco-aware, trendsetting consumer.

Each pair features Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC) polarised lenses with UV400 protection, engineered to safeguard your eyes from the sun's intrusive glare. The selection comes in three captivating mirror lens colours: the sleek Silvershine (silver), the vibrant Sunburst (yellow), and the tranquil Aqua Reflections (blue).

These sunglasses embody a focus on sustainability, affirming that you don't need to compromise chic for eco-consciousness. Remarkably, the materials utilized in the creation process decompose 10x faster than those in standard plastic sunglasses, drastically reducing environmental impact.

Grab a pair of our environmentally responsible Coffee Sunglasses today. Make a bold, fashionable statement while simultaneously expressing your commitment to our planet's future.