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Are you ready for some seriously soft and healthy facial hair? Introducing Dark Night Beard Bedtime Beard Butter, the most nourishing leave-in conditioning product for your beard.


Beard care that's beyond ordinary, where every product is handcrafted with unique, in-house scents. Our award-winning quality and commitment to sustainability make us the trusted choice for men seeking softer, more manageable, and impeccably scented beards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it really help me sleep?

The essential oil blend is crafted with calming essential oils. I mean, it won't put you to sleep like a valium, but will definitely help.

Is it just for use at night?

You are the master of your beard! You can wear it when you damn well choose to!!

Is it cruelty free?

Yes! All of our ingredients are certified cruelty free.

The only animals this is tested on are the sexy beasts that choose to use.

Is it vegan-friendly?

No animals were harmed or used in this product. This is a completely plant-based beard butter.

How do I use a beard butter?

Scrap a small amount out of the tin and warm in the palm of your hands until it completely melts. Apply to the beard and then rub any excess oil into your arms.