About us

Special attention to detail and personal skill goes into the making of every individual pair of sunglasses. We only use sustainable suppliers that work to achieve environmental protection with us. 



The logo represents the ethos behind the company, and the energy we want to project.

The rune is “Jera” - pronounced “Yehr-ah” - literally translates to year, but draws it meaning from harvest.

We want to focus on the Energy and the positive Divination that Jera represent and governs:

Energy: Good harvest, orbits, cycles, progress, biorhythms, right effort.

Divinations: Reward for positive action, plenty, peace, proper timing.

Governs: Fertility, creativity and harmony with the land Peace, prosperity and plenty. Bringing other concepts gently into material manifestation Initiating gradual and lasting change in flow of life.

More importantly, we love the karma meaning of Jera; The end result may not necessarily be desired, but it will be fair.