Why Use Beard Balm? and How to Apply

Why Use Beard Balm? and How to Apply

When you decide to let it grow, you'll likely head to Google and search on the best ways to look after your beard. You can also expect to receive a gift set for all seasonal holidays that includes a beard oil, shampoo etc, and usually a reduced mass produced product from a large chain shopping venue.

Great you now have been pigeon holed! No more socks and deodorant for you...

However, now you're seeing people talk about beard balm and thinking "ah man! I've just got my head around applying oil to my face and now there's more...?"

Why would you use a beard balm over an oil? Can you use balm with a beard oil? What even is beard balm and how do you use it? All great questions. 

Technically beard balm is the same as beard oil, well that's actually a lie. Lets start again... Most beard balm manufacturers will use the same base products in their oils as they do in their balms, they just add a variety of butter and some kind of wax, usually bees wax.

Usually a balm is better suited to a longer beard or during a beard growth phase. It's great to tidy up those stragglers whilst conditioning the hair and skin underneath. It also acts as styling product with a medium hold to shape the beard, and add a layer of protection against the elements. 

You can use both beard oil and balms together if you wish. Some people like to use a balm to start the day and an oil at night. There is no correct routine, just whatever suits you and your lifestyle. 

How to Use a Beard Balm

The amount to use very much depends on the size of your beard. Start by taking a thumb nail sized scoop and place it in the palm of your hands. Rub your hands together, warming the balm and mixing it into a translucent oil before applying to you your beard evenly. Run your fingers through the beard, making sure to get right to the root and pull through to the tips. Using a beard comb or brush will also help with this process and to style the beard. 

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