The Beard Balm Gift Set Kickstarter Campaign

The Beard Balm Gift Set Kickstarter Campaign

So far we have submitted eight products for independent review to The Guardians of the Beard Facebook group. Starting with Revolution back in December 2018, and the first three phases of Elements; Air, Water & Earth. Both oils and balms for each of the above has received scores of 100/100 with them all being awarded The Superior Product Golden Beard Award - highest honours! 

The recent submission of Earth at the beginning of October got such high appraisal, that it was tipped to be in the running for Product of the Year...

Our products are all hand crafted, meaning we put in all the effort to bring you a stunning finished product. The base ingredients of our products include the following oils; Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Hemp Seed and Argan, giving your beard simply the best ingredients to keep it healthy.

The Plan

With Elements Fire due for release in November, we want to put together the Elements Beard Balm Gift Set, just in time for Christmas. The set will comprise of a gift box housing 4x 50ml beard balms. 

The vision of the RUNESILK Revolution:

To prove that great quality shouldn't always command a high price!

Why should you pay a premium to receive a product that isn't really any better than "the next best thing"? What we mean by that is, some things are simply unjustifiably expensive! They're not necessarily any better quality, but we're led to believe that because they're more expensive, they must be better...right?

Well we want to flip that mentality on its head. As a brand we pride ourselves on creating outstanding products without the excessive price tag.


The base reward is to get the full gift set, and we just keep adding value the more you support us! 

Risks and challenges

We have already created the box design and the products are 75% released, so we are 100% ready to have this product delivered well in time for Christmas. We are already discussing with several manufacturers for the box and are just waiting to hit the ignition and go for it.

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