Taking care of your beard is hard work

Taking care of your beard is hard work

I’m not here to tell you that this is going to be an easy journey. If you want easy, go and buy a razor…

Your beard is like bamboo.


I know, odd analogy, but stay with me...

Just recently, I watched a brief motivational video which described focusing on your dreams as if you were growing bamboo. Did you know it takes five years to go from seed to a fully adult tree? The craziest thing is, most of that time is spent under the soil, so you can’t see progress for a long time. A similar thing can be said about growing a beard. Maybe not five years, but it does take a lot of patience and there will be times you just want to give up and shave it all off. STOP THAT THINKING!

The early stage itchiness will drive you nuts, I’m not going to lie! But you will eventually get past that phase and achieve an initial style you like and can move forward from there.

Disclaimer: Not every man can grow a proper beard.

Sadly, genetics does have a large part to play in how your facial hair grows. Which leads me to assume that I get my beard from my mum – as my dad can’t grow a beard for love nor money, yet my mum has no beard. Come to think of it, I have never seen a photo of any of my relatives with a beard…hmmm…anyway, back to the point.

Many people say to me “I’d love to grow a beard but can’t get past the itching stage” or “I just end up looking like a tramp”. My usual response is “it’s the itching after shaving that made me grow my beard out!” and “regular trimming during growth can help keep up a smart appearance while you grow it out”.

Retro VW Beetle at BugJam 2019
Others may suggest that having a beard is out of laziness. OK, yes there are some beards out there that are a touch Robinson Crusoe, but that’s their choice. You can also choose to have an impeccable face rug and maintain it… Let’s face it, if you don’t trim that Zoidberg lip then yes, it’s going to look unsightly, so keep it neat as you go. If an epic moustache is the goal here, then a good strong stache wax will keep it out of your mouth.

If you have a naturally curly beard you can use heat tools to achieve that ancient dwarven look. If you’re going to apply heat, by using a hairdryer or heated brush, then you must oil it first! No “ifs” or “buts”. High temperature heating tools will dry out your facial hair, fact! Same as straightening your hair, all hairdressers will suggest using something like argon oil to help replace the moisture lost.
Check the ingredients!
Before you rush to Poundland and start buying the cheapest beard oil on the market. I’m a firm believer in that you get what you pay for. Stay away from silicone-based oils and any containing mineral oil. It is your face after all and not a new car.

Obviously as a craft beard care artisan, I am going to suggest you only buy from independent beard brands. Why? Because we care more about the products we create, than a corporation that decides to hop on the band wagon, churn out tonnes of machine-made product and stuff it in your face, literally. Not only that, but it’s nicer to support the smaller companies as opposed to filling the vault of the already filthy rich.

Take the latest range of RUNESILK oils; Elements, for example. Both Air, and the recently launched Water, contain Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. All chosen for their moisture rich properties, not only for the hair, but also to help condition the skin underneath.
RUNESILK Elements Water Beard Care
The other thing you must remember is that everyone is different and beard scents can vary depending on brand, and I must say, there are some great independent beard brands out there.

Do your research! 

There are lots of communities out there, such as Guardians of the Beard, Home of the Beardos, and Private Beards etc on Facebook. Many of these have members that do independent beard reviews, so always worth checking them out. YouTube is also a great place to check out beard related content.
RUNESILK Golden Beard Award
So far (fingers crossed) all of our products reviewed by Zec from Guardians of the Beard have been given the Golden Beard Award. Because of this we have recently been given Golden Beard Brand status, so we must be doing something right.
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