Celebrating Success at the Beauty Shortlist Awards

In the heart of the UK's vibrant grooming scene, RUNESILK, an independent beard care company, has once again made waves. Founded in 2018 by Daniel Jones, RUNESILK has been dedicated to crafting exceptional beard care products for hard-working men. This commitment was recently recognised at the prestigious Beauty Shortlist Awards, where RUNESILK's "Dark Night Bedtime Beard Butter" clinched a win, and Revolution Beard Butter" received a commendation in the men's grooming category.

From its inception, RUNESILK was more than just a beard care brand. It was Daniel's vision to reward the dedication of hard-working individuals with products that are not just good but great. Going the extra mile has always been part of RUNESILK's DNA, ensuring that every product enriches the grooming experience.

The Award-Winning Products

At the core of RUNESILK's success are the "Dark Night Bedtime Beard Butter" and "Revolution Beard Butter." These products stand out with their unique blend of Shea, Mango, and Cocoa Butters,
enriched with Grapeseed, Jojoba, Argan, and Sea Buckthorn oils. The Dark Night has become a hero product with its soothing blend of lavender, neroli, fennel, clary sage, and benzoin. The Revolution, meanwhile, offers a distinct mix of Sandalwood, Black Pepper, and Bergamot. This commitment to quality and unique scents has set RUNESILK apart.

Significance of the Beauty Shortlist Awards

Winning at the Beauty Shortlist Awards, known internationally for its rigorous and independent approach, in both 2023 and 2024, highlights RUNESILK's consistent quality and innovation. These awards are a testament to RUNESILK's dedication to excellence in the competitive world of
beard care.

Founder's Competitive Spirit

Daniel Jones, not just the founder but a passionate member of the beard community, regularly competes in UK Beard Competitions. His notable achievement, securing 3rd place at The British Beard & Moustache Championships and several 2nd place trophies at other UK competitions, reflects the spirit and dedication embedded in RUNESILK's ethos.

Sustainability and Ethics at RUNESILK

RUNESILK's commitment extends beyond just beard care. The brand prioritises sustainable and organic sourcing, minimal packaging, and ensuring all products meet stringent safety standards. This approach underscores RUNESILK's dedication to ethical practices and environmental

"To win this two years running really tells me that we are doing something right," says Daniel Jones. This sentiment captures the essence of RUNESILK's journey – a testament to hard work, innovation, and a deep connection with the community it serves. As RUNESILK looks to the future, it stands ready to continue its path of excellence, creating products that celebrate the hard-working individual.