We've Stepped Into The World of Beard Care

We've Stepped Into The World of Beard Care

For the last few years we have focused our attention on offering a stylish selection of polarised sunglasses. All of our sunglasses featured wood in one way or another, whether it be the wooden temples, or even our all wood frames. Obviously, we started to notice that sunglasses are mainly a seasonal purchase, and we wanted to expand the range to provide awesome stuff all year round.

2018 was a big year for us.

We went through a complete brand refresh and introduced “Jera” in our new logo. We truly love the meaning of Jera and strive to bring this way of thought into everything we do. A simple Google search will provide a deeper meaning, but a brief overview is –

  • Progress and the right effort
  • Reward for positive action
  • Peace and proper timing
  • Creativity and harmony

“The end result may not necessarily be desired, but it will be fair.”

Runesilk Ltd was officially created and registered the company with Companies’ House towards the back end of the year, ready to take on 2019 with some serious energy. During this time, we started experimenting with essential oil blends too. As a man with a beard, I like to look after my facial statement and wanted to produce something that not only I would love, but hopefully others would to.

The result? Our Revolution Beard Balm was born. As with most new product developments, we failed a few times, however we learned a lot and even accidently created some other products! After months of trial and error and various testing -on ourselves obviously- we finally created something we were happy with.

Cosmetic Safety Report in hand, we approached. Founder of Guardians of the Beard community of Facebook and asked if he would review our latest product… we were added to the waiting list and we waited eagerly, nervously for our time to come. The day did come, 22nd December, we were tagged on Instagram. The review had been done…

We were worried, the last review done by Zec didn’t get the best results. We clicked the link: http://www.satonmybutt.co.uk/review-of-the-runesilk-revolution-beard-balm/ and watched…

Not only did it get a good review, it got an amazing review! It was scored 100% and received the Golden Beard Award – Ha Ha! What a feeling! Getting an award like this is always really encouraging, especially when you finally develop a product that you like and to find out that others like it to, is just truly awesome. So we did it, developed a product that not only we love, but hopefully you will too. You can buy 100ml of our Revolution Beard Balm for just £15


 We genuinely cannot wait to see what 2019 brings for RUNESILK, but we will definitely have some awesome stuff coming your way. 

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