Competitors at Opies Beard and Moustache Championships 2023

Opies Beard & Moustache Championships: The Beardmail Podcast Roadtrip

There is a unique vibrancy and friendliness that comes with a beard and moustache competition. It is always a great excuse to meet familiar faces and catch up with friends, both old and new.

Opies Beard & Moustache Championships brimmed with this extraordinary spirit. This annual cavalcade of hirsute marvels was perfectly staged at the Loddon Brewery in Reading. The venue was an apt setting that underscored the delightful connection between Beers and Beards!

In its second year, the championships continued under the steady and capable guidance of Jamie and Laura Cox. Having navigated the challenges of organising the inaugural competition fresh on the heels of a lockdown, they once again delivered a resounding success.

Their dedication and passion were reflected in the event's enthusiastic turnout. The event also raises money for Daisy's Dream (a charity offering a professional support service which responds to the needs of children and families affected by life-threatening illness or bereavement).

The thrumming energy of participants and attendees alike, united by their shared passion for all things beard and moustache, made the Opies Beard & Moustache Championships an engaging event to remember.

Being part of the community of beard care producers, I felt a sense of comradeship towards the Opies Beard & Moustache Championships organisers. Although it would have been inappropriate for me to attend this fantastic event and promote our brand, RUNESILK, I was honoured to find an alternative route to show my support.

Through our association with The Beardmail Podcast, we found the perfect channel to provide our backing for this incredible event. Sadly, my co-host, Damo4Show couldn't attend the competition. However, I was accompanied by Flamingo4Show, an inflatable pink bird that encouraged the crowd to join in with a group DamoPose.

This partnership allowed us to contribute to an event we held in high regard without compromising the spirit of fellowship intrinsic to the beard care community. It was a great honour to support a fellow beard care producer's event in this way. The opportunity to encourage those demonstrating their creativity and prowess in beard styling was a highlight of our involvement in the championships.

We sponsored one of the competitive and popular categories of the competition - the "Under 5-inch Styled" category. This category showcases some of the most groomed beards, epitomising the style and precision that beard styling can achieve.

As someone who takes immense pride in growing and grooming my beard, I was thrilled to see the lengths some participants would go to for the love of facial hair. There were some phenomenal entrants this year.

This year, I threw my hat - or my beard - into the ring. I entered one of the fiercely contested categories: "The 5-8 Inch Natural". The competition was stiff, but I secured 2nd place to get a sought after trophy.

In a spontaneous decision, I entered the "5-8 Inch Beard with Styled Moustache" category. At the time, it seemed I might clinch second place by default, as there was only one other entrant when the competition kicked off. Eager to provide some entertainment and make the most of the situation, I dashed onto the stage to style my moustache.

One unforgettable event highlight came when the reigning World Dali Moustache champion, Russell Bristow, graced the stage (albeit far from gracefully – love you, Russ) to lend his styling prowess to my moustache for the 5–8-inch style category. The energy was electric as he demonstrated his craft, shaping my moustache into an incredible work of art on stage.

The crowd's excitement crescendoed into applause and cheers as he manipulated my whiskers with a skilled hand.

Their enthusiastic response and the surreal experience of having my moustache styled by a world champion etched this moment into my memory as a memorable highlight of the Opies Beard & Moustache Championships.

A humble brag, if there ever was one, but a result that left me with immense pride and satisfaction: Two 2nd Place Trophies at OBMC 2023!

I had the privilege of sharing this unique experience with my wife, Megan, who was my biggest cheerleader and a participant and judged on the day. A lover of all things beard-related, Megan entered the "Ladies Creative Beard" category. Despite fierce competition, she claimed a well-deserved 2nd place.

Assuming the role of a judge with impeccable grace, Megan embodied the event's spirit. Her selection of a bright pink suit was nothing short of a sartorial triumph that left an indelible impression on everyone present. The vibrant colour mirrored her enthusiasm and added an infectious vitality to the atmosphere of the competition.

She commanded attention not for her judging understanding but also her unique and vibrant aesthetic. This made her an unforgettable presence at the championships.

Her innate sense of style, extensive knowledge and passion for beards made her an ideal judge for the event. She brought to the table a level of authenticity and credibility, which, coupled with her striking attire, highlighted her natural fit for this role.

All in all, the Opies Beard & Moustache Championships offered not a showcase of diverse and impressive facial hair but also a chance to connect with a vibrant community of enthusiasts. The event was a testament to the creativity, camaraderie, and sheer fun of being part of the bearded world. And we're anticipating the road trip to next year's competition.

A resounding applause and heartfelt appreciation are for the diverse bearded communities that converged for the championships. Your solidarity and shared passion have been the lifeblood of this event. I extend my most profound respect and admiration to each of you – much love and respect.

Warm congratulations to all the day's victors; your dedication and creativity have paid off. Each of you has won a title and contributed to the rich tapestry of the beard and moustache culture.

A particular round of applause and commendation is due for Ryan Swanepoel, VP of Beard Mobb England, winner of our sponsored category, who also clinched the coveted Best in Show title on the day. Your accomplishment is a testament to your skill, creativity, and dedication to the art of beard and moustache grooming and the community you serve. Your victory will inspire others in our community to strive for excellence.

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