Looking after a beard is like looking after a car!

Looking after a beard is like looking after a car!

I know what you’re thinking…surely this is just another metaphor, and he doesn’t mean it literally, right?

There are three types of people when it comes to car maintenance:

  1. It was old when I got it. “I should probably MOT the car as a bare minimum, see what happens, it’s only a cheap run-around – is that a McDonald’s chip?”.
  1. I’d like the car to stay fairly nice. “MOT is due this month, I might get a service, I should also run it through the car wash when I next get paid.”
  2. I love this car more than most of the women I have been out with. “I get a regular service like clockwork, pay a little extra for the hot wax at the car wash – what’s that noise? Better get that checked out yesterday, oh and take it for another clean on the way back from the garage – do not eat that in my car, don’t even suck a mint!”

How does this relate to beard care you ask? It is literally the same. If you care enough about something you own and have taken the effort to work on, you look after it.

There are various types of people that own a beard:

  • “I do not use beard oil”,
  • “I buy a big bottle of coconut oil (or alternative) and just use that”,
  • “I do not care what it is or what it smells like, as long as it says beard oil on the bottle”,
  • “I am quite particular when it comes to certain ingredients and scent”,
  • “My beard care routine is part of who I am! Using beard care makes me feel good – because I bloody well love my beard. It has taken me ages to get to where I want it to be and I want it to stay this way. When I put on my favourite beard oil, its like putting on my favourite aftershave before going out on a Friday night and absolutely having it! I love it when people compliment me on my beard because I took time to groom it – and yes I have probably run a comb through it a few times already today…”.

You want your beard to stay healthy and look good, you should look after it like you would a brand-new car. Service the beard, and by that, I mean visit a barber when you get the chance. How good do we feel when we step out of the barbers with a fresh trim. I am sure I walk a couple inches taller anyway.

Clean the beard. Whatever you use to keep your beard clean, make sure you massage the skin underneath to remove any dry skin. When you used to shave, the dead skin was removed by the razor and just by simply washing your face. Having a beard means that dry skin gets stuck on its way out. So, make sure you get right in there! Run your fingers through the beard and rinse well. Do it again! You probably missed some bits, so go in for that finer detail finish. If you have some conditioner, bang some of that in too!

I always suggest using a hairdryer to dry the beard, you do not have to use the highest setting. You just want to get the water away from your skin. Apply some oil before drying and let the hairdryer do the work. I personally do not recommend any beard straightening tools. I tried using the wife’s straighteners once. When I first heard my beard sizzle like bacon in a frying pan, I stopped immediately. That surely is not doing my beard any favours.

Now for the final touch… Add some balm or butter to the beard. It is like the hot wax treatment for your car. It is going to help protect the beard against the elements and give it that style that you want. If you want to straighten the beard, pop in some medium hold balm, and run the hair dryer in a downward movement, using a higher heat and a lower blast setting. You can use a round brush to help to uncurl those hairs too.

Now you are ready! Take a look in the mirror and admire that glorious facial statement.


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