It's Official! We're Golden...

It's Official! We're Golden...

The feeling you get when people like your hand crafted beard products is very warm and fuzzy!

Making your own beard care products is a bit like creating art. Your art's value is determined by the fact that people are willing to pay to obtain your art. 

Since launching our beard care products with Revolution in December 2018, we have slowly released two more fragrances which form half of the Elements Collection; Air and Water.

When we release a new product, we perform a number of research processes. This includes sample testing, where we send a small group of people a batch of product to get their initial response before developing the finished product. This proved particularly useful for Elements Air, because it resulted in a slight tweak to the get to the final product. 

The next process, once we are about to launch is to send our products for independent review. As a rule, we always send our products to Zec from Guardians of the Beard. Firstly, it was his platform on Facebook that we were able to start generating awareness of our products. Second, he is a trusted beard care reviewer and has reviewed over 500 products, so makes sense to see what he thinks.

It's a nerving time! Once the products are in the post, there's no turning back! The suspense is intense! "I hope he likes it". 

Revolution - both oil and balm - got full marks and received the Golden Beard Award. Which sounds great right? The problem is, you have zero room for error. The bar is already set at the top, a fall from here is going to hurt. 

It turns out Elements Air also hit the mark and got the 100% Golden Beard badge as well. "Does it compare to Revolution?" he said, "no...its better!" 

Pressure is well and truly on! I was struggling with Elements Water, I just couldn't get it right. I spent hours upon hours (and a small fortune) mixing essential oil blends. Time was running out for a 1st July launch! Then as if by magic, I managed to just get the blend to work! I messaged Zec and told him, it is going to be tight but I think I might just have it ready for you to review - CPSR pending... 

Just in time! After chasing the report, it arrived with 3 days to spare. Batches of oil and balm made, and sent next day delivery to Zec. Those 3 days passed in slow motion, then the video was posted...

I couldn't believe it! "Golden Beard Award"! To top it off, because we have received 100% records for every product sent, he honmoured us with the "Golden Beard Brand" award! Thanks Zec! No pressure on Elements Earth then LOL. Due for release some point in autumn (yes that's right, I said "some point", not sticking to a deadline this time...), Earth is going to be a pretty exciting project. Although I'm not going to lie, I am very keen to get working on Fire!


Revolution: Sandalwood, Bergamot and Black Pepper

Elements Air: Spearmint, Frankincense, Patchouli and Ho Leaf

Elements Water: Lemon, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Cucumber

All products available in 50ml Oil and 100ml Balm



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