Just Don't Give Up Before You Achieve Success

Just Don't Give Up Before You Achieve Success

Hey, Daniel here...

I've not been to the gym since I started my new job. So, I decided that I'd wake up at 6am and end the New Year the way I wanted to start the new one!

I'm in the car thinking, "you know what? this isn't so bad. Once you get past the getting out of bed bit (which is the hardest), this is actually quite easy, I am looking forward to this. Ideal, I can then just shower, and hit the Bardford Road to work - you got this Dan!"

I arrive at the gym for 6.30am as stated as the opening time after a quick online search...it's closed!

"Ah maybe they open at 7am" I thought to myself. "Ok, I'll jog to to the nearest supermarket -which to be honest is only about a 10-minute walk from the gym- grab my lunch now and still be ahead of schedule."

Salad in the basket, couple of bananas for breakfast, some nuts and raisins for day snacks (treated myself to some wireless earphones ready to get this workout plan going), right let’s do this, jog back to the gym...

Still closed, OK gym you win, see you next year!

I went for a jog, that's a start.


My new year’s message to all of you that feel like giving up because you didn't achieve what you set out to do first time around this year.

"Sometimes you need to take smaller steps, look at the smaller pieces that make the bigger picture and acknowledge those little bits of progress you have made."

"Sometimes we can get caught up trying to achieve things too quickly. Our patience has been diminished simply by having immediate access to information via the internet and even next day delivery."

"Sometimes we can be blinded by what we want, that we don't see what we already have."  

"Always keep trying and don't give up, see your dreams through, be grateful for what you have and what you want will come."

Our Jera Divination for 2019: Reward for positive action”

Hard work is going to be rewarded, so keep at it, but don’t kill yourself in the process and don’t forget those around you.

2018 had its challenges, but 2018 has also seen some greatness! What did you learn? 

I want to thank everyone for supporting us and spurred me on when I too had thoughts of giving up. I can't wait for 2019, I hope it’s as good as the year just gone and I hope that 2019 brings you all you desire!


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