Our Golden Beard Awards

Our Golden Beard Awards

With so many beard care products available, it can be quite difficult to choose a product that is suitable for you. Plus with so much shopping now moving online, it can make it more of a challenge when shopping for scented products. 

Like any other independent beard companies out there, we, as a beard care manufacturer, relies on external reviews to help us get our products noticed by new audiences. 

One of the most respected beard reviewers in the UK is Zec Richardson from the Sat on my Butt review channel. Zec is also one of the admins over at Guardians of the Beard on Facebook, which you should join if you haven't, as into only is it a great community to be a part of, you can get some excellent beard advice too. 

The beard care reviews that Zec does are given scores out of 100. Products are rated on the overall quality after trying them for some time Those that achieve the top score are given a Golden Beard Award. Those that are reserved for his "Keep" collection are awarded the Superior Product Award.

The fact these reviews by Zec are trusted by so many within the beard community, it is truly an honour to get these awards, and they very much help us to be considered when it comes to comparing the vast amount of products on the market today. 

Zec has reviewed all of our product releases, from our debut release of Revolution, through all the Elements and most recently our Dark Night Beard Butter. Not one of our products was scored lower than 95%. Nine of our products scored 100%, plus he personally loved them, resulting in us getting the Superior Product Golden Beard Award, and later titled as a Golden Beard Brand due to the level of consist high scores our products received.

If you are looking for a review of any of our products or varies other items which are reviewed (not just beard care), please do go and check out our product review page on the website https://www.satonmybutt.co.uk/tag/runesilk/

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