Dark Night wins Best Grooming Product at Beauty Shortlist Awards

Dark Night wins Best Grooming Product at Beauty Shortlist Awards

So, we entered Dark Night Bedtime Beard Butter and sent some of our Revolution Beard Butter into the Beauty Shortlist Awards. After waiting impatiently for a few months, we were told we had won a "Best Grooming Product" award at the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Awards! Wait. What?!!!

Our beard butter was recognised for its exceptional quality, effectiveness, and unique blend of natural ingredients.

After several years of creating a wide range of products to serve our bearded customers, receiving recognition for one of our best-selling products is fantastic. Not only did Dark Night win our category, but Revolution was also commended – I am very pleased and proud!

Over the years, we have been awarded several Golden Beard Awards from Zec of Guardians of the Beard (the first online beard community I was a part of), which, as you all might know, I am very proud of. It was these awards that boosted my confidence and spurred me to continue expanding our range of products.

However, to receive an award that is recognised internationally…OK, now that makes me smile! Especially as our products are made from the ground up. I take pride in the fact that we don't take ready-made scents and mix them into a base blend. I have spent countless months developing scent blends. So, getting some recognition for years of hard work is very rewarding.

The Beauty Shortlist Awards are highly respected in the beauty and grooming industry and recognised globally, and winning an award is a significant achievement. The Awards are well-known for their transparency and ethical focus. They are closely followed by consumers, industry experts, retail beauty buyers, industry news sources, journalists, PRs, retailers, and international distributors.

With this latest accolade, I hope to solidify our reputation as a leader among independent beard care manufacturers within the UK. It has given me the confidence to work harder to continue delivering excellent products for our customers.

Check out the results for yourself: http://www.thebeautyshortlist.com/ 

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Massive congrats! Your butters are far and away the best I’ve ever tried and you can tell that huge effort has gone into the scents. I’ve got Dark Night, Water and Fire, they are all so different and complex. Congrats again!!


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