An Unforgettable Experience at the 2022 British Beard and Moustache Championships

An Unforgettable Experience at the 2022 British Beard and Moustache Championships

The 2022 British Beard and Moustache Championships (TBBMC), an event that gathered bearded and moustachioed enthusiasts from all over the country, took place in the historic Temple Speech Rooms in Rugby in August of 2022. This prestigious contest showcased some of the finest facial hair in the United Kingdom and abroad, and I had the honour of participating in the British Business Beard category. More importantly, the event raised over £5,000 for charitable causes.

The journey to becoming a British Champion was not only a testament to my dedication to the art of grooming but also an unforgettable experience filled with camaraderie and spectacle.


The 5th British Beard and Moustache Competition was hosted by iBeardclub in association with The Whiskers West Midlands with headline sponsor Honest Amish. The British championships is a biannual event which alternates with the World championships. The next event hosts will be Devon & Cornwall Beard & Moustache Championships and the South West Beard Club.

As a participant in the British Business Beard category, I had the privilege of representing my company, RUNESILK, a UK-based beard grooming and apparel company. To ensure a memorable entrance, I devised a creative and whimsical approach: Wearing a typical blue business suit, I filled a briefcase with vouchers designed to resemble money and, as I took to the stage, deliberately let the contents spill onto the floor, followed by a shower of vouchers cascading into the cheering crowd. This light-hearted moment captured the essence of the competition – a blend of skill, creativity, and fun – and possibly contributed to my securing a podium finish.

The British Business Beard:

To compete in the British Business Beard category, the length of my beard had to be under 5 inches, and I chose to complement it with a classic English pencil moustache. This combination of grooming styles accentuated the sophistication and elegance of traditional English facial hair. My dedication to this craft and the support of my fellow competitors led me to a triumphant third-place finish, earning me the esteemed title of British Champion.

RUNESILK's Sponsorship:

As a testament to RUNESILK's commitment to bearding community, our company was proud to sponsor two categories in the competition: the "Over 12-inch Natural Beard" and the "Partial Beard" categories.

The 2022 British Beard and Moustache Championships was a celebration of the dedication, creativity, and passion that each competitor brought to the event. My journey to becoming a British Champion was filled with unforgettable moments, and the camaraderie shared among the participants was truly remarkable. As a proud representative of RUNESILK, I look forward to future championships and continuing to support the thriving community of bearded and moustachioed enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the 2022 British Beard and Moustache Championships offered an invaluable opportunity to connect with individuals who, until then, we had only encountered in digital environments. The camaraderie and mutual support among competitors and fellow brands were truly inspiring, further highlighting the importance of such events in bringing people together and strengthening the bonds within the facial hair community.


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