Elements Water Beard Care by RUNESILK

A Review So Good - It Deserved It's Own Post

The 'Water' scent is my favourite so far! I feel this scent needs more love and praise! I remember asking Dan way back, which was the closest scent he had to a "cologne" type smell, and he recommended 'Water'.

At the time I was on a bit of a cologne scented beard product journey. However, this is something else entirely, this scent isn't a "tsunami", think more calming hot spring on the side of a Japanese mountain, or a still stream in a valley as the sun sets, dragonflies resting on pebbles, while birds sing in the distance, you feel intermittent cool breezes of wind rustling through the leaves of tree's.

This scent is subtle, fresh, slightly herby with a sort of earthy, floral aroma. It really gives you an uplifting and zen vibe when you first apply it.

Don't be put off with the lemon and bergamot! This smells nothing like citrus "kitchen" spray cleaner's some citrus beard products can unfortunately replicate! You get the initial freshness without that "traditional" citrus blast.

This really is a fantastic blend, it's perfect for wearing to work and wearing as a daily beard product, as it's not overpowering and doesn't compete with aftershaves/colognes you may be wearing at the same time.

The oil blend is superlative too, the addition of sea buckthorn oil is really unique and is a brilliant carrier oil, it's a nice medium consistency that absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy, like many other medium to thick oil's.

Also, amazing value for money as you're getting a 50ml bottle!

The packaging, service and product is top tier! Honestly, the attention to detail is unlike any other company I've used (and that's alot!). I really like the aesthetic of the label's and use of black tins etc. I also love the updates on new products to look forward to via emails etc. It's great to finally have a reliable UK beard company.

Thank you RUNESILK!
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