A Legacy of Hard Work and Reward

A Legacy of Hard Work and Reward

We often get asked, what is the story behind RUNESILK? How do you pronounce it? Why did you choose the Jera rune? Hopefully, this will answer some of those questions and give you an insight into the vision of our brand.

RUNESILK ( roon • sy-lk ) was conceived amidst the harmony of natural grandeur and human endeavour, symbolising a place where the simplicity of nature meets the depth of human ingenuity. It's more than just a brand; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence inspired by the ancient Jera rune.

The Journey Begins

The journey of RUNESILK started with a vision - to create products that embody the resilience and strength of those who dare to conquer their dreams. It's for the man who rises with the dawn, whose hands are marked by the toils of labour, and whose heart beats with the rhythm of tireless effort.


RUNESILK is more than a brand; it's a philosophy. It's about embracing the cycle of growth (Jera), harnessing the power of the Elements, and being part of a grooming Revolution that redefines masculinity. The Elements tie into this narrative as fundamental forces that nourish and transform, while Revolution is our commitment to continuous evolution in the world of men's grooming.

Understanding the Jera Rune

Before we unfold the story of RUNESILK, it's essential to understand the core symbol that inspires our brand: the Jera rune. Jera, an ancient rune from the Elder Futhark, the oldest form of the runic alphabet, embodies the concepts of cycles, harvest, and fruition.

The Foundation: Jera

The Jera rune was chosen as our brand mark because it represents the fundamental belief that hard work and patience lead to rewarding outcomes. In the context of grooming, particularly beard care, Jera signifies the journey of growth and care — sowing the seeds through meticulous grooming and reaping the rewards in the form of a glorious beard.

Symbolism of Jera:

Cycles and Seasons: Jera represents the idea of a year and is deeply connected to the Earth's cycles and seasons. It symbolises the natural progression of time, where each phase — planting, growing, harvesting — is crucial and contributes to the final outcome.

Harvest and Reward: The rune is often associated with harvest, denoting the period when hard work yields results. It's a reminder that patience and consistent effort are rewarded in due course.

Balance and Transformation: Jera also signifies balance and change, suggesting that life is a series of transformations, each leading to growth and renewal. It's a symbol of hope and the promise of new beginnings following the completion of a cycle. Did you know that RUNESILK started as a sunglasses company before directing efforts into developing award-winning natural skin and hair care?

Why Jera for RUNESILK?

Choosing Jera as a symbol for RUNESILK reflects our commitment to these principles. It's a nod to the natural, time-honoured growth process — be it in nature, personal development, or beard grooming. Just as the Jera rune symbolises the patient wait for the harvest after a year of toiling, RUNESILK embodies the dedication and patience required in the art of grooming and self-care.

Crafted for the Earnest

Every product under the RUNESILK banner is crafted with the utmost care, reflecting the values of hard work and perseverance. Our products aren't just items; they are rewards for those who put in the effort, day in and day out. They are a tribute to the harvest of one's endeavours, just as the Jera rune signifies.

A Community of the Resolute

RUNESILK is more than a brand; it's a community, a brotherhood of men who understand the value of hard work, the importance of staying true to one's roots, and the satisfaction of seeing efforts come to fruition. It's for those who respect the cycle of effort and reward and live life with an unyielding determination—more on this as we build out this community over time.

Join the RUNESILK Legacy

We invite you to be a part of this journey. Embrace the ethos of RUNESILK, and let it be a beacon in your pursuit of excellence. For every hardworking man, RUNESILK is not just a brand; it's a part of your story - a story of hard work, persistence, and the sweet harvest that follows.

The Promise of RUNESILK

We promise to uphold the values encapsulated in the Jera rune - a constant reminder that our efforts today are the seeds of tomorrow's success. RUNESILK is not just for the hardworking man; it's for the man who understands that true success comes to those who wait, work, and never waver.

The Essence of Revolution

It all began with a Revolution. Revolution in the context of RUNESILK is about challenging the status quo of men's grooming. Revolution was also the name of our first-ever scent.

In this revolution, we also redefine what it means to be a man in the modern world. True masculinity is a blend of strength and softness, resilience and empathy — qualities that are nurtured through the care and attention one puts into grooming.

We see revolution as a cycle of continuous improvement, much like the cycle of Jera. Our journey is not static but dynamic, evolving with each turn of the wheel. The Elements Collection that followed is our revolution in action — transforming the mundane task of grooming into a ritual that resonates with the elemental forces of nature.

Interweaving the Elements

The Elements Collection is inspired by the primal forces of nature — Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Each element brings its unique characteristics to our products:

  • Air symbolises the breath of life, inspiring creativity and new ideas in grooming.
  • Water reflects adaptability and purification, essential for maintaining beard hygiene.
  • Earth grounds our products in nature, using organic and natural ingredients.
  • Fire embodies transformation and passion, driving innovation in beard care.

These elements are not just ingredients; they are metaphors for the transformative journey of grooming. They align with the cycles of Jera, where each element contributes to the growth and care process, symbolising the natural rhythm of life and grooming.

Expanding the Tapestry of RUNESILK

Following on from the Elements Collection came a few scents that may appear unique to themselves. However, look a little closer, and you will begin to see the link between everything we create.

Dark Night: The Protector's Rest

The RUNESILK narrative aligns with the night's restorative power, a time for the body and beard to rejuvenate. This scent symbolises the balance between action and rest, the cycle of day and night that resonates with the Jera rune. It's a reminder that even the vigilant need their rest, preparing for the challenges of a new day.

The Silk Road: The Journey of Discovery

The Silk Road embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration. It connects with the Jera rune's aspect of journeying through cycles and seasons. The Silk Road in the RUNESILK collection represents the journey of discovery, not just of distant lands but also of oneself. It's a nod to the explorers who traverse their paths, much like the voyages along the historic Silk Road, discovering new scents and experiences.

Metal: The Strength in Elements

Including Metal in the Elements range added a modern twist to the ancient alchemical elements. Metal represents resilience, strength, and the transformative power of fire and earth — critical components in metalwork. It fits into the Elements narrative as a symbol of the strength and durability inherent in every man, resonating with the revolution of redefining masculinity and grooming. Yes, we will likely develop the Wood Element at some point.

Sacred Spice: The Essence of Celebration

Sacred Spice, as the winter limited edition scent, captured the essence of the festive season. It ties into the story as a celebration of the harvest, a vital aspect of the Jera rune. It's about rejoicing in the past year's hard work and accomplishments, embodying Christmas's warmth and joy with its rich, spicy aroma. It symbolises the cycle's completion, from sowing to reaping to celebrating, so we chose to only release this once a year.

The Future

Those continually supporting the journey will know we strive to deliver a high-quality standard. We will continue to develop highly-rated products as we expand our product range, including clothing and accessories. With the in-house capabilities to create bespoke items, we will soon be offering a customised range of products and developing a selection of limited edition items.

Viva la Revolution


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