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Revolution Beard Care

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Proudly made in the UK with natural ingredients. This beard balm by RUNESILK will condition your face and beard whilst offering you a light hold to tame any messy hairs.

Notes of Sandalwood, Black Pepper and Bergamot will awaken the senses to get your day started the right way.

The addition of organic bees wax offers a light hold and control over those messy hairs.

Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter will help to condition your beard and the skin underneath, and will also help promote healthy growth. 

Beard Balm 100ml 

Beard Oil 50ml

 Warning: Product Contains Nut Oils

Directions of Use

Rub a small amount into hands and rub together to warm the wax and then apply evenly over beard.

Check out the review...46/50!! Daniel Barnes says it is one of the best beard balms he has used to date! 

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