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Parker | Silver

Parker | Silver

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Introducing the Parker Sunglasses - A Harmonious Blend of Timeless Charm and Contemporary Design!

Discover the perfect fusion of classic allure and modern style with these exceptional sunglasses that elevate your look whilst providing unrivalled eye protection. The Modern Parker sunglasses showcase zebrawood temples, offering a lightweight and comfortable fit with a touch of natural elegance. The transparent frame adds a contemporary twist, beautifully complementing the zebrawood and creating a refined appearance suitable for any occasion.

The silver mirror lenses are both stylish and functional, featuring polarisation to reduce glare and ensure clear vision. The Modern Parker sunglasses are designed with comfort and durability in mind, incorporating double hinges for a snug fit that accommodates various face shapes and sizes.

Embrace the perfect balance of elegance and practicality with the Parker sunglasses - an ideal choice for the discerning individual seeking a versatile and comfortable accessory.


Lens 47 Bridge 26 Arms 140 (mm)

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