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Undecided? Try a sample

You can try a sample of the our Beard Oils for £1.95 which includes free delivery in the UK. 
Samples come in 5ml dropper bottles.


We started a Revolution... our debut beard oil created in 2018 and still a favourite.

Revolution has a unique scent profile of Sandalwood, Black Pepper and Bergamot; a truly distinguished scent for a true gentleman.  


Elements Air

Elements Air! Notes of Spearmint, Patchouli, Ho Leaf and Frankincense will awaken the senses to get your day started the right way. The spearmint is the first to hit the senses, which fades after a short while, revealing the peppery and woody undertones.


Elements Water

Elements Water! If you're looking for a clean scent, one that isn't woody, earthy etc, then Water is what you've needed in your life all this time! A delicate blend of Lemon, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Cucumber. 


Elements Earth

Elements Earth is a deep, dark, citrus sweet yet earthy, takes you away to a forest in the early mist of morning. A deep blend of Grapefruit, Patchouli, Ho Leaf and Bergamot. You get that fresh earthiness, like walking through a forest after a heavy rainfall.


Elements Fire

Elements Fire! The final Element in our series. It's sweet, smoky, spicy, woody. Think log fire, log cabin, but with a sweetness that takes the edge off of all that burnt wood. Our most complex blend or Cinnamon, Juniper Berry, Vetiver, Petitgrain and Lavender.

The Sample Gift Set
The Sample Gift Set

The Beard Oil Sample Set

Beard care can be tough to buy online, buying anything fragranced can always be somewhat of a gamble...

The Beard Care Sample Set includes 5ml samples of our full range; Revolution and Elements (Air, Water, Earth & Fire), plus one of our wide-tooth sandalwood combs, great for after oil application and general beard maintenance.